Picnic season.


There comes a point in May where it is no longer possible to wait to eat watermelon outside, and that point came today. Having been confined to our quarters for too long, we decided last week that we would spend our holiday Monday in a park with bocce balls and picnic foods and blankets laid out on the grass no matter what the sky looked like, even if there was a hint of rain.


And though it was cloudy, the rain held off. There was a breeze but it wasn’t chilly, and it was warm enough for cold drinks and salads. So we sat on our blankets, and played bocce ball and badminton and chased bunnies, and some people grilled chicken wings and skewers and it was exactly how a picnic ought to be – makeshift, haphazardly planned, with the kind of foods that do not require a lot of packaging or waste to be left behind. Hours passed and we barely noticed, except toward the end when the light began to fade.

Trying to rejoin the sea.

Small boys ruin bocce ball.


Friends on blankets.

Eating outside is messy and important. There is something very freeing about your toddler pouring a liter of pineapple juice all over himself and the ground and it not mattering. There is something very lovely about eating while not wearing shoes. And the first picnic you take delineates the grey and the green parts of the year; a picnic is a celebration of the few glorious months when the rain falls a little less and the nights get long. It is important to celebrate.


Potato salad.


So gather up some fresh fruit, some sandwiches, a blanket, and some people you like and celebrate. The winter is over, the light is back, and badminton is more fun than you remember. Some time outside will restore you, and it will tucker you out. Go. Eat watermelon outside.

Tuckered.You will sleep so well.

What’s in your picnic basket?

3 thoughts on “Picnic season.

  1. Is there anything sweeter than a toddler after a picnic? They’re so pooped! When we picnic it’s usually at the beach though occasionally at the Fort. Muffalettas are the food to fix, because you can make them the day before, and for some reason they grow in the fridge, so what should be enough for 3 or 4 will feed 6 or 8. And beer- they go great with cold beer!


  2. It’s not even 8:00 am here and you have me wanting a big meaty sandwich and a beer! Muffalettas sound awesome, and I think I will try for them next time. Do you have a recipe, or do you just sort of throw things together?


  3. Love love love picnics. If I’m really planning, I’ll usually hollow out a loaf and do one of those stuffed sandwich things because all I have to do on-site is slice it. Falafel balls and hummus to dip is nice, as is pita to enclose it if you’re feeling fancy. A good cheese or two, a loaf of fresh bread baked in a round then wrapped in the one clean dishtowel for easy transport. I took to carrying a small tupperware container of olive oil & vinegar with a few slices of garlic in it for dipping the bread in. Cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks. Tea in a thermos. A bottle of white wine if we’re in England, or here, but then it’s squirrelled away in a bag. This is more than you wanted to know isn’t it?


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