It’s not so dark.

I take back what I said about these being dark times.


A perfect picnic spot.

We found our way back to the garden yesterday and this evening, and were surprised to find it bursting with life and weeds and chard.


We came by in February, and everything was looking brown and dead, but the chard limped on. I didn’t plan to plant chard this year, because we had so much of it last year that I got kind of tired of it, but this is a plant with determination and I have to respect that. It lives. Its centre stalks are the thickness of table legs, and its leaves at the bottom look almost prehistoric in their size and curious colouring. But it lives, and we let it live on.

Garden cat. There is a cat now. This pleases us all.

Garden cat, sunlit.

Purple shed.

Toddler and purple shed.

A friend of mine lives across the street from us now, and she’s got a lot of garden space for us in addition to our community garden plot, so in this spot I’m focusing on growing things I can pickle. Plus chard. But mostly things that pickle, like beets, and hopefully some pickling cucumbers – from this point in the gardening season, I don’t think you can ever have too many of those. (Remind me of this when I am complaining in August.)

Digging it.


What have you planted, and what are you looking forward to?

Purple sprouting broccoli.

One of the things we pulled out of the garden was some purple sprouting broccoli, which grew where the regular broccoli we planted was supposed to be. It was ripe and ready, and it is so pretty it deserves a special dish. What would you do with it?

Dirty boy.

I am really looking forward to the gardening season, you guys.

9 thoughts on “It’s not so dark.

  1. So jealous of your garden bounty already. our garden here in Ontario is still a muddy bare spot, but in other parts of the yard the tulips and daffodils are starting to flower, the lilac has buds and a rhubarb transplant I thought had died, is enthusiastic and happy to be in its new home. I’m keeping a eye out for the asparagus to get started!


    1. Rhubarb! It is the best, and it’s wonderful yours will live on. Asparagus means it’s spring, definitely – do you grow your own?


  2. I just moved to a place where I have an ENORMOUS yard – but I haven’t done any gardening in a decade. The yard is so neglected though – I have to figure out how to prep it and what I should grow in sunny Florida. I can’t wait though.


    1. Can you grow citrus? If you can, you should! Just because I wish I could. LIVE MY DREAMS FOR ME! Congratulations on your move!


  3. I really want to pick up your son and put him in my pocket! He’s so adorable! Congrats on him and the garden! I’m looking forward to my own gardening plot!
    So far we have onions, tomatoes (zebra, patio, celebrity, tomatillos) chard, cantaloupe, zucchini, beets and radishes. Hooray!


    1. Haha, thanks! We think he’s pretty all right. You have tomatoes already?! I am super jealous – where are you? Cantaloupe too? At this part of the season, I can only dream!


      1. I’m in Los Angeles, so it’s been like 70-80*F for about three months now! I also have plums avocados and citrus trees that should be ready by months end!! For dinner i Totally made your white bean soup with veg and herbs from the garden! Nom nom nom!


      2. I am so jealous! We just finally got some summer weather today. I’m glad you liked the soup, though I envy your fresh veggies and herbs 😉


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