Update: I am not dead.

I am, however, a novelist. Maybe not in the “published author” sense, but since I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for three days doubting all the life choices that led to this and giving myself osteoporosis with Diet Coke, I figure no one’s going to argue with me.

Holy crap, it was exhausting. But also invigorating. I think I broke my liver.

I just finished my final edit, gave the thing a name, and closed the document. It’s over, I’m done. And I really like it, which is a good sign, even though parts are rushed and I used more swear words than my mother would approve of and I think every three pages someone cries which is either super dramatic or really, really emo.

We celebrated the end of the thing with a dinner of pork ribs braised in tomato sauce with red wine and rosemary, roasted summer squash, and polenta with basil and Pecorino Romano. It made itself, cooking away for hours in the oven while despair over the ending turned into satisfaction and relief.

I am going to spend all of next week sitting on the couch watching TV with my mouth hanging open.

9 thoughts on “Update: I am not dead.

  1. She is a good helper! A little needy, but I suspect she’s just emulating the behaviour she sees around here and has accepted it as normal.

    I may share it at some point, but I don’t want to jinx it 🙂 No shares until the results come out in January!


  2. I am so proud of you! GOOD for you for committing and seeing it through! How long did it end up being? I’ve never worked in marathon-fashion before (except on term papers, and that’s pretty much 1 page for each 45 minutes for me.)

    Smart, smart girl having a delicious, homemade celebratory dinner make itself. I’m always feeding myself on “whatever they had at 7-11” or something when I go on a creative binge (witness yesterday’s pizza box, because I sewed some more-than-usually-complicated diapers…)


    1. Thanks, Linda! It ended up being about 80 pages, which doesn’t seem like much now, but when I reached the last one it felt like it’d been forever coming. You should try it one year! It’s a great way to get back into being creative.

      Congrats on the diaper progress 🙂 And pizza is always a better choice than 7-11. Those taquitos are awful, and I once heard the woman at the counter refuse to sell someone a hot dog because it had just been there too long. How many diapers are you down now?


  3. I took a break to mess around with a diaper bag pattern, and for multiple Dr.’s appointments and stuff, so not very far.

    I have sewn a total of 10 in newborn size (all on really challenging patterns) and 1 in small (an easy pattern that took 15 minutes to sew) and I have another 4 newborn size ones cut out… so by the end of the week, 14 and 1. With Pat and April foolishly volunteering to help me cut things out, it shouldn’t be hard to make another 10 or so newborn (easy pattern) and about the same proportions for small, before he gets here… if he’ll just stay put ’til he’s due.

    I’ve made 32 baby wipes and 16 overnight doublers, too! Woohoo, go me!


    1. I’m impressed – you must have mad sewing skills, or incredible patience. I have neither, and would have been on the floor in tears over the whole thing in no time! It’s awesome you’re making all his diapers – I saw the photos, and they were super cute 🙂


  4. I USED to have mad sewing skills. Now I just kludge along and accept the imperfect… which, you know, might be the trick after all. 🙂 Aw thanks! I am having fun. I had to rip out a huge tricky seam last night and almost ended up in tears but ended up semi-comatose on the couch watching Pat play Red Dead Redemption, instead. Plenty therapeutic.


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