Garden report: A shaky little tour.

A wet and rainy weekend used to mean whining. Now, it means big, bushy green leaves, my favourite galoshes, and mucking about in the mud. An improvement, for sure! And because I wanted to show you all of the things, here’s a tour instead of a write-up. Sorry about the shakiness, blurriness, and the grammatical inconsistency of my spoken words (the plants are doing well, not “good” … ugh).

Also, as a bonus, here’s a falcon. He lives in the garden and is majestic.

3 thoughts on “Garden report: A shaky little tour.

  1. YAY!! Where’s your garden? When are we moving and creating a self-sustaining commune where we can grow things and cook and eat all day long (okay, maybe a few other things too)?


  2. Wow, the falcon picture is great! He’s like a little gargoyle up there.

    Admit it. You bought the carrot seeds because the variety is “Dragon.” 🙂


  3. Tracy: It’s up around 18th & Granville, in the yard of one of those big mansions, which is all kinds of delightful.

    Linda: That’s totally why I bought them, and I am not even ashamed!


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