Last night …

Steve and Sooin are two awesome kids who come over sometimes to play boardgames and eat food and drink too much wine. Last night, we went to Nick’s sister’s house for the same sort of thing, except that Sooin cooked, and it was AWESOME. Perhaps if I had known Sooin before Nick, I would have married her. And I would weigh 800 pounds and eat Korean BBQ EVERY DAY. Come to think of it, I sort of think Nick came between us. Steve too. Why is “Unbreak my Heart” suddenly playing in the background of my thoughts?

The meat was the reason I will never be a vegetarian, and itself was a perfect synthesis of flavour. The gomae was revelatory. And I have spent today marinating chicken wings with a concoction I hope comes close to what Sooin used to marinade yesterday’s beef short ribs. Updates to come.

One thought on “Last night …

  1. Not really related to your marinade, but I just made turkey chili with … lean turkey, garlic, white and red onion, green and red peppers, celery, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, and the best part: half a bottle of cheap gewurztraminer. I’m calling it Drunk Turchili. I might add some harder stuff too … anyway looking forward to more of your alcoholic recipes.


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