You CAN have too many giant turnips.

Every year I plant turnips because in late May and early June, I love (LOVE!) turnips. I think about sweet little baby turnips, steamed and tossed with fresh greens and maple vinaigrette, or cool fall evenings with turnips mashed with carrots and so much butter to accompany Bratwurst and grainy mustard. But I never remember to anticipate this.

I am a prolific grower of turnips. Maybe the picture doesn’t do her justice, but this pretty lady’s a D-cup. And she’s not the only one. There are probably 12 or 14 more of these, and I don’t know what to do. I love turnips. I don’t want to not love turnips. And I definitely don’t want to waste turnips, but I suspect very few of my neighbours want to walk out to find enormous turnips on their doorsteps – for some people, one turnip is too many turnips.

Do you have a creative use for turnips and (or) their greens? I’ve made them into gratins and mashes and gnocchi, but I’m running out of ideas. Help me. HELP ME.

Unrelated aside: if you have a minute, stop by and visit The Thirties Grind, where I’m featured as this week’s first REAL Real Housewife of Vancouver. Melissa’s blog is fantastic – her “Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week” feature regularly makes me laugh-sob and question my unhealthy relationship with this city.

But seriously. Tell me what you do with the turnips.

16 thoughts on “You CAN have too many giant turnips.

  1. I did not know you could freeze those suckers! Of course they can be roasted in the oven, along with carrots, sweet potatoes and other root veg. We are not a turnip household, twice a year is lots for us but the other half often goes to waste because it sits in the fridge too long. I don’t think chickens like turnip either.


  2. Pickled turnips! Mideastern recipe with a bit of fresh beet to make the lovely turnips into a beautiful shade of bright pink. You will need to add some type of pepper (jalapeno, serrano) to give it an extra kick. Just search the vastness of cyberspace (eg google) to find a recipe. I find these addictive. Better than potato chips, in my book. And. I. Love. Potato Chips.

    As for the greens, if you want to freeze them, chop, blanch, drain on paper towel (pat dry), spread out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, then freeze. I figure (ok, guess) that this will allow you to do more of an IQF version of frozen greens for proper cooking when the desire arises. But don’t quote me. I’m sure others have gone where I have not and actually have done something like this. 🙂


  3. I think I have enough to freeze AND pickle! And I can’t believe I didn’t think to pickle them. I like the idea of spicy pink pickles, and am now desperately hoping my habaneros ripen soon.

    I had half a chunk of Boursin cheese in the fridge, so I blended that up with the blanched greens, basil, and tons of garlic for a slightly bitter pesto. There will be more greens though … so many greens …

    Linda, maybe pickled turnips would make a convert of you? Lisa, I love them roasted! With a bit of squash and rosemary thrown in there? Amazing.


  4. Chopped up and pan fried (or roasted), and then tossed with Melissa Clark’s anchovy dressing – the recipe is in your inbox. It’s usually made with radishes, but I think turnips would be just as delicious!


  5. Alexia and Mango – your ideas sound delicious. And why am I not currently putting that anchovy dressing on EVERYTHING? Wow.


  6. They are also delicious sliced and eaten raw, with spicy chili powder and lime juice or other such treats. Or chunked and tossed into beef stew; oh, they sing in beef broth!


    1. Everything is good with chili and lime! I do love a beef stew … it’s too hot here right now, but maybe I’ll use some of the ones I freeze later.


  7. They are also delicious sliced and eaten raw, with spicy chili powder …. Umm, I’d give it the ole taste test ‘before’ adding anything to kick it up. Large turnips can be very hot, and unless served with mild veggies can overpower and ‘dismay’ a meal

    BTW – I just received a 10 pounder…which is how I found you! heh!


  8. Hello! I’m scouring the internet looking for large turnips to purchase for a short film! I’m looking for turnips at least 6inches in diameter. Do you grow turnips this large or know anyone who does? Let me know if you can help in any way! I would need them by 2/22 -Lauren


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