A perfect day for pickle-making.

Today we made 47 jars of pickles with Nick’s sister and brother-in-law. I haven’t had homemade pickles since my grandmother made them – it’s been too many years. And I hadn’t made them in the meantime because they are a lot of work, and because I had somehow elevated pickle-making to an “I’m a grown-up!” status symbol and I hadn’t felt competent enough with my canning pot to do that yet.

We brought home 12 jars of pickles, which should just about get me through the year if Nick only has one per jar.

This feels like an achievement, especially after buying so many disappointing jars of commercial dill pickles for so many years. I am crossing “make pickles!” off my life’s to-do list, and making plans for next year’s batch.

This was a pretty thrilling sight. I don’t think I would have enjoyed doing it alone, but four people made quick work of 40 pounds of pickling cukes – we took the afternoon, and there was plenty of time for a leisurely dinner and a bowl of ice cream afterward. It was easier than I thought it would be, and I recommend you try it, especially with an eager group to help.

3 thoughts on “A perfect day for pickle-making.

  1. Soooo satisfying!!! I love the look of all those jars! Nath already started eating them and says they’re great! And your peach jars will compliment them nicely:)


  2. If you have a washing machine with an agitator you can wash the cucumbers in the machine! Much easier!! First run a load of water only to rinse out the soap, then wash in cold water (no soap, of course). I always have to run a post cucumber wash with water only to get the residue out, also.


    1. I’d heard of that, but couldn’t remember if I’d heard it was a good idea or a bad idea … thanks for the tip! We’ll try this next year for sure!


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