Too many things!

Here I am! In case you were wondering, that is. I’ve been busybusy lately, without even enough time for laundry or scrubbing the bathtub, and doing both is becoming necessary and uncomfortable but will simply have to wait unless Nick will do them, but he’s got dishes to do and the kitchen floor to wash and I hope he’ll just do it all without complaining or mentioning that I made all the mess, but I’ve come to understand that’s not really how marriage works.

And I wanted to come up with something original for you for Meatless Monday, but to be honest? It’s a mushrooms on toast kind of day, and this is a recipe I don’t mind recycling. I cut out the bacon for in honour of Meatless Monday, but if you use smoked cheese you won’t even miss the meat. It’s delicious, but more importantly, it’s easy. I think it bears repeating.

We’ll be eating a lot of these sorts of meals this week – quick things with stuff we have on hand. Not that that’s any different from how things usually are around here, but it could get pretty sad toward the end of the next two weeks. The deadline to apply for my MFA program of choice is this Friday and I need to get my life in order if I’m going to make that date. Also I am supposed to write something for an exciting new site that was just launched today – visit for food writing from bloggers across Canada. I’ll be contributing twice each month, and any day now.

There are other things, but I’d planned for this to be a short post. I’ll check in real soon. How are you?

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