No wanting for waffles in Victoria.

This past week has been exceptionally busy – back to work, friends in town from all over, hockey games to be dragged out to the bar to endure watch, and a little day-trip to Vancouver Island to go see my friend Amber, who lives in Victoria which means that I don’t visit her enough, and who is an exceptional shopping buddy and shares my enthusiasm for eating. I didn’t cook or bake a thing last week, and yesterday set the crock pot too high and incinerated the ribs I’d left in it. Fortunately, Victoria was filling.

So instead of a recipe, today I am going to tell you about waffles, and a discovery I made that will enhance every trip anyone takes to Victoria ever. The place is called WannaWafel, and you smell it long before you get to Market Square and find it.

Unfortunately, I am still not a competent user of my shitty camera, and had it on the wrong setting, so the waffles don’t show up very nicely in my photos. I ordered the sugar waffle, a chewy, slightly sweet, somewhat salty round waffle, and asked for the fruit compote, which turned out to be a perfect combination of summer berries, cold and tart on top of my hot waffle. It was delicious.

I swear, I would move to Victoria IMMEDIATELY except that apparently it’s impossible to find jobs there and I should really be grateful that anyone was willing to hire me here. WannaWafel is very close to being enough to pull me back there forever. These are real Belgian waffles, and I’m certain once you try them you’ll never settle for an impostor waffle again.

We’ll be back to normal this week, so expect recipes and the usual blathering on and taking forever to get to the point. For now, though, think about waffles – my happy thought to you.

7 thoughts on “No wanting for waffles in Victoria.

  1. there’s one just like this called wanda’s waffles in toronto…similar signage and everything! i wonder who copied whom – the waffles aren’t that great here.

    this also reminded me to share a recent great experience with waffles – ben & jerry’s we are waffling ice cream. SO GOOD, i finished the pint on my own within a few days.


  2. I am so glad you liked our treat.
    We wanna see people leaving our store with a smile on their face. And you were certainly one of them. Thanks for letting everybody know ! That is the best advertisement. We all loooooove to eat something delicious !

    Krista and Haley who served you in the store : )


  3. Linda: Give in – the payoff is worth it!

    Alana: Yes please visit! The food here is excellent. You will probably need a tour guide.


  4. since my waffle iron broke, seeing this is just pure Torture! The last time I was in Victoria, I had such a wonderful time with my grandmother that I have been forever wanting to go back. I could practically smell the waffles in your photos. Way to exploit my pain. 😉


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