I am one of those dorks on her laptop in the café on the corner. Make this corn.

We moved. We’re in! And we’ve almost found our way through the boxes. Cooking has been light, though I was pleased to discover that the kitchen I thought was smaller is bigger than I thought. Still small, but with storage, and counter-tops I can work on without having to spread out onto the table.

On Sunday night, which was the end of moving day, we settled in for a team-effort meal, Grace’s artfully spiced ribs, crock-pot beans, and this corn. I didn’t have mint – I had basil. Go make the corn tonight. It is wonderful. If you don’t have mint or basil, spoon a bit of pesto into the pan with the corn. Whatever your situation, joy, or plight, it this corn will be exactly what you need.

Oh! And thank you for your happy thoughts. We moved without a hitch, and the rain stayed away until just after the last box was dragged inside. I have no Internet right now, but I’m committed to holiday blogging, and will have something sumptuous for you soon enough. We’re almost unpacked. Everything is coming together, which is my mantra, and I must keep repeating it.

Soon. Cranberries. I shall return.

3 thoughts on “I am one of those dorks on her laptop in the café on the corner. Make this corn.

  1. woohoo! the place looks great ~ congrats

    ps went to buy mirin, dashi, and had my second attempt at oyakodon today (tofu for chicken due to I am a vegetarian), and it’s so good. here’s to cooking~


    1. Ooh! I want to know all about it. Recipe? And you bought dashi, or you bought the stuff to make dashi? That is on my list of experiments this year, so I’d love to compare notes …


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